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CLEA sponsors several events each year and promotes events relevant to clinicians. Do you have an event you'd like to see here? Email

To apply for a conference grant from CLEA please follow instructions below:

All Grant Proposals and Required Fund Use documentation must be submitted to:

Martina Cartwright and Lisa Martin

Co-Chairs, Conference Committee, Clinical Legal Education Association.

[Please state in the subject line of your email “Request for CLEA Conference Grant.”]

Name of Conference:

Conference Location:

Contact Name:



Conference Date(s): ____/____/_____ to ____/____/_____

Number of People Expected: ______ Amount Requested $________________

Grant Guidelines

You must submit a Grant Proposal Description (see below).

CLEA must be listed in conference program and on conference website as a sponsor with this language “This conference is supported in part by CLEA, the Clinical Legal Education Association,” Additionally, when a CLEA Board member is able to attend the conference, he or she will be permitted to briefly address the conference regarding CLEA’s mission and activities.

Typical grant amounts are $500.00.

Use of funds must be approved by CLEA prior to conference. Funds may be approved and dispersed as reimbursement or pre-conference assistance:

A. Reimbursement Grants: Upon completion of the conference, but no later than two months after the conference, grant recipients must submit a detailed invoice documenting the expenditures to be reimbursed.

B. Pre-Conference Grants: In circumstances of specific need, CLEA funding may be requested and distributed before the conference. Any such pre-conference funds must be followed post-conference with specific documentation detailing the use of funds.


Grant Proposal Description

Please Share a Brief Description Regarding How the Requested CLEA Funds will be used Consistent with CLEA’s Mission Statement:

CLEA exists to advocate for clinical legal education as fundamental to the education of lawyers. CLEA and its members seek to:

foster excellent teaching and scholarship by clinical educators;

integrate clinical teaching and extend its methods into the legal education program of every law school;

reform legal education so as to prepare law students for excellent and reflective law practice;

advance regulation of legal education that insures the continued vitality of clinical education in law schools; and

pursue and promote justice and diversity as core values of the legal profession.


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