In advancing the mission "to advocate for clinical legal education," CLEA serves as a voice for clinical teachers and represents their interests inside and outside the academy. As such, CLEA has been a vigorous advocate on matters relating to clinical teachers and clinical legal education over the years. 

ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education

  • CLEA's comment to the ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education (June 2013)

ABA Accreditation Standards

CLEA plays a constant role monitoring and commenting on matters relevant to professors who teach in clinics and skills courses taken up by the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, its Council, its Standards Review Committee, and other relevant bodies.  The current standards for approval of law schools can be found at this site.  Below are filings on CLEA’s behalf:

Curriculum & Outcome Measures

  • CLEA's letter to the ABA Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar regarding the addition of proposed Standard 303(c) June 2021)
  • CLEA's comment on Interpretation 305-2 and the Question of Paid Externships in Law Schools (July 2015)
  • CLEA's memorandum to the Council, Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, the Standards Review Committee and the ABA Section of Legal Education regarding the Proposed Revision of Standard 305(e)(6) to Permit Externships for Part-Time Students After the First Year
  • CLEA's letter to the ABA Section of Legal Education regarding the Process for considering paid externships (Feb. 2014)
  • CLEA's interpretation of Standard 305-3 and the question of paid externships in law schools (Jan. 2014)
  • CLEA's comments on Standard 303's 15 Experiential Credits Proposal (Jan. 2014)
  • The ABA's Proposed Changes to Chapter 3 (voted August 9, 2013).
  • CLEA's letter to SRC regarding Chapter 3, Program of Legal Education (July 2013)
  • CLEA's comment on Draft Standard 303(a)(3) & Proposal for Amendment to Existing Standard 302(a)(4) to Require 15 Credits in Experiential Courses (July 2013)
  • Comments regarding Student Outcomes and Related Curricular Provisions of Ch. 3--Program of Legal Education (Oct. 2012)
  • Comments regarding Proposed Standards 302, Learned Outcomes, and 304, Curriculum (Apr. 2012)
  • Comments to Standards Review Comm (July 2010)
  • Talking Points on Outcome Measures (May 2010)
  • Comments to Standards Review Comm (Oct. 2009)
  • Comments to Council (Aug. 2008)
  • Comments re: Proposed Changes to Chp. 3 (Apr 2004)
  • Testimony on Proposed Int. 304-9 (May 2003)
  • Testimony on 301, 304, 305 & 306 (2002)

Academic Freedom and Security of Position

Law School Admissions

  • Comments on Proposed Changes to Standards 501 and 5013 (2018)

Experiential Learning Standards

  • Comments on Proposed Changes to Standard 303 and 304 (2018)

Standard Allowing Proposals for Amendments to the Standards

  • CLEA's letter to the SRC regarding failure to provide any notice for proposed elimination of Standard 803(d) (Feb. 2014)

Bar Passage Requirements

  • CLEA's comment to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals on the 2020 Bar Examination (August 2020). 
  • CLEA's statement of the Board of Directors on the 2020 Bar Examination (April 2020)
  • CLEA's joint statement again rejecting ABA resolution to amend Standard 316 (February 2019)
  • CLEA comment rejecting ABA resolution to amend Standard 316 (January 2019)
  • CLEA comment regarding ABA’s proposed revision for Standard 316 (July 2016)
  • CLEA & SALT's comment on proposed Standard 316 -- Bar Passage (Jan. 2014)
  • CLEA & SALT's comment on Standard 316 -- Bar Passage (Oct. 2013)
  • CLEA & SALT's Bar Passage Statement (April 2013)
  • CLEA's comments on Standard 309 and Erica Moeser's memorandum regarding Bar Passage rates (Jan 2013)
  • CLEA's comments regarding proposed Standard 309, "bar passage."
  • CLEA Bar Passage Statement (July 2011)
Accreditation of Foreign Law Schools
  • Comments on Recommendations of Special Committee (Oct. 2010)


Briefs and Other Advocacy

CLEA prepares amicus briefs and other advocacy documents on matters relevant to clinical legal education and the professors who teach in clinical courses:



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