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07 Jul 2021 1:43 PM | Kathryn Pierce Banks (Administrator)

UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI KANSAS CITY is hiring  a full-time (grant funded) facilitator to oversee the Missouri Clean Slate Coalition (MOCS).  


Recognizing that a criminal record amounts to a punishment that never ends, the UMKC Clear My Record team desires to hire a facilitator to develop and oversee the Missouri Clean Slate Coalition (MOCS). MOCS seeks to establish a comprehensive, efficient, and accessible system of record clearance or expungement that takes full advantage of available technology. The persistence of criminal records often leads to poor health outcomes and poverty, by creating roadblocks to educational, employment, and housing opportunities.

The project will ultimately change the scope, availability and reach of the expungement process, by engaging relevant stakeholders and empowering them to design and craft shared solutions to existing obstacles in the policy, data, technology, and individual access arenas.


Under the supervision of the Clear My Record team, the facilitator will lead the establishment of MOCS, and form four working groups: (i) policy and education, (ii) data collection and coordination, (iii) technology, and (iv) streamlining individual expungements. The facilitator will assume responsibility in two primary areas:

Provide Support that Mobilizes, Coordinates, and Facilitates Collective Impact

• Identify and build relationships with stakeholders, document interactions, and establish trust

• Develop consensus around MOCS objectives, procedures, and protocols

• Oversee and coordinate the working groups: identify members, listen and engage with them, integrate efforts of the coalition and working groups, mediate large group meetings and working group sessions

• Work with stakeholders and working groups to facilitate action between meetings

• Attend and participate in local, regional, and state level meetings

• Ensure consistent and open communications across the collaborative to build trust, foster mutual objectives, appreciate common motivation, and share lessons learned

• Create an environment where all involved listen, show respect, and recognize each other’s contributions and risks

• Formalize explicit agreements to shared mission and values as one step in building authentic partnerships

• Convene members, with prepared agendas to further the mission

• Manage logistics and administrative details, with support from a Project Coordinator/Law Fellow and a student assistant

• Oversee, draft, and edit interim and final reports

• Other tasks necessary to support progression and achievement of expungement goals.

• Engage government agencies, service providers, health providers, universities, data partners, community members, and any other relevant partners in moving toward system change through meaningful action.

• Ensure the coalition develops shared accountability to statewide outcomes and measures impact, at both the coalition level and the statewide level.

 Develop strategies and tools for dealing with shared challenges

 Identify research and training needs for the coalition and the community

 Provide strategic assistance to the coalition on a range of issues, including coalition management, communications/media, policy, research, and data

 Connect with national and state level campaigns on expungement

 Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field

 Maintain visible leadership in the field, by speaking at meetings and conferences

 Track accomplishments and milestones

• Work with groups at national, state, and local level to identify constituencies for coalition inclusion.

• Focus on engaging and supporting people directly impacted by criminal records

• Participate in meetings related to fundraising and sustainability of the initiative with corporate, foundation, and government representatives as well as individual donors

• Present quarterly status reports to Clear My Record team, sharing MOCS progress and seeking help to address systemic barriers to change

Provide Project Leadership and Facilitation of Results

• Facilitate the coordination and convening of initiatives including team and work group meetings and community engagement activities, ensure the initiative progresses as outlined in the project plan.

• Collaboration oriented - work in partnership with organizations responsible for identifying policy and systems barriers to develop solutions for coordinated action.

• Cultivate strategic relationships with local organizations, key stakeholders including individuals with criminal records, and attend community meetings and outreach events.

• Coordinate the development of project plans and benchmarks.

• Outward Facing – listens to and eagerly seeks information from the community, existing resources and programs, and relevant data points.

• Equity Focused – understands the important role an equity lens plays in achieving and sustaining outcomes to involve all members of the community.

• Facilitate small and large group meetings through the lens of a moderator who guides the group to remain on task while leaning on individual members for specific direction, goals and outcomes, and expertise.

• Foster, embrace, and role model an environment of innovation and change.

• Work to build consensus with those present to achieve goals and results.


This position’s focus is on identifying, advocating, and embracing far-reaching systems and policy change throughout the state. Intensive efforts at education and relationship building on the facilitator’s part will support the generation of broad statewide knowledge, as well as understanding and buy-in for a more fair, efficient, and accessible approach to expungement.

This position requires a unique individual who thinks in terms of systems and has the adaptive skill set to work across sectors, political perspectives, and beyond any individual arena. A working knowledge of the expungement landscape is required. Other competencies such as results-based facilitation, systems thinking, continuous improvement, and adaptive leadership are important. It is hard work, and as such, we seek a capable, energetic, results-focused team member to assume this role.

Minimum Requirements

• At least 3-years’ experience in leading and shaping issue campaigns in the criminal justice arena

o Demonstrated success as statewide facilitator, as evidenced by coalition growth, and policy/legislative victories;

o Experience managing large, complex, multi-stakeholder projects with diverging perspectives

• Bachelor’s degree in associated field (e.g., public health, education, social sciences, social work, public policy, human services, etc.)

• Master’s degree in associated field or JD

Preferred Qualifications

• Demonstrated facilitation skills; by guiding groups towards conscious awareness of challenges and opportunities, process-oriented, and an engaging public speaker.

• Comfortable working across sectors (law, nonprofit, data, technology, policy, business/workforce development, communities of faith, etc.) and using different frameworks/technology

• Extensive knowledge of topics related to criminal justice, expungement and records clearance, movement building, policy making, and political power building

• Demonstrated bi-partisan relationship building skills

• Systems thinking and adaptive leadership

• Exceptional active listening skills; reflection, summarization, affirmation, etc.

• Ability to thoroughly review, comprehend, and communicate complex community needs.

• Ability to interpret, analyze, and problem solve reporting tasks.

• Excellent written and verbal skills.

• Ability to clearly communicate with colleagues and outside organizations.

• Ability to take initiative and work both independently and collaboratively

• Skilled in use of MS Office products.

• Willingness to engage in travel, as necessary


• This position is located in the UMKC School of Law and is a full-time, exempt, 12-month, unranked non-tenure track academic position.

• This position is grant funded and, should funds not be available, it may be eliminated.

• Excellent benefits; medical/dental plans


Annual salary of $70,000 to $72,000.

Application Instruction:

Applicants must apply through the UMKC’s Human Resources website:

Applicants must combine all application materials (cover letter, resume, and list of at least three references) into one PDF or Microsoft Word document and upload as a resume attachment.

Limit document name to 50 characters. Maximum size limit is 11MB. Do not include special characters (e.g., /, &, %, etc.).

For more information, contact Staci Jean Pratt at or 816-235-2631.

If you are experiencing technical problems, please call (855) 524-0002.

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Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the duties and functions of this job. If you believe you may have difficulty performing any of the duties or functions of this job, please contact the Office of Affirmative Action at (816) 235-1323.


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