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Why Does CLEA Membership Matter?

Advocacy: CLEA was founded 30 years ago to engage in vital advocacy that the AALS Clinical Section is not able to do. CLEA advocates before the ABA Council on Legal Education and its committees, supports clinicians facing political interference or threats to academic freedom, and advocates for more equity and inclusion among clinic faculty.

Clinical Law Review: CLEA works with AALS and NYU to publish the peer reviewed Clinical Law Review. A hard copy is sent to every individual member, and schools get one copy for every five school members.

Conferences and Teaching Support: CLEA sponsors the bi-annual New Clinicians Conference and other regional conferences. CLEA develops Best Practices in Legal Pedagogy materials, and supports the Teaching Justice Webinar series

Membership Types and Costs 

Annual dues for Individual Members are $50.00 (U.S. funds). Individual members receive one hard copy of the Clinical Law Review.

School Membership grants membership to everyone engaged in clinical instruction at a member law school. Dues are set in tiers based on the number of full-time instructors, but everyone the school chooses to list as part of its membership will be a voting member, regardless of employment status. 

Tier 1 - up to 5 FT members: $150
Tier 2 - 6-10 FT members: $300
Tier 3 - 11-15 FT members: $550
Tier 4 - 16-20 FT members: $800
Tier 5 - 21-25 FT members: $1050
Tier 6 - 25-50 FT members: $1350
Tier 7 - Over 50 FT members: $3500

Schools receive one hard copy of the Clinical Law Review for every 5 members.

In 2023, we are transitioning to this new membership system and moving the renewal date from July 1 to January 1. To facilitate this transition, we are granting all existing members 6 months of free membership through January 1, 2024. New members/schools can join for free up through January 1, 2024.

We will reach out in the Fall with instructions for transitioning to the new membership tiers.

Join Online!

First, check this list to see if your school has a school membership, and who administers it. Then check your own membership status by searching for your name in the Clinician Locator. If you are a part of your school's bundle membership, your profile will display as “linked to” an administrator.

If your school has a school membership but you are not part of it, ask your administrator to be sure to include you when we transition to the new membership system in December/January 2023.

If your school does not have a school membership, you can join individually, online at this link.

Profile Updates

Please keep your profile updated! Members can update their own profiles at this link, even if they are part of a bundle.

However, if you are part of a bundle at one school and change schools, you cannot switch your bundle membership to the new school’s bundle. For assistance with this, please email us at


CLEA offers two payment options: on-line or by check. We strongly encourage you to pay on-line. If you pay by check please log in to retrieve an invoice, and mail the invoice with your check payable to CLEA to 

CLEA Treasurer 
c/o Michael Murphy 
Duke University School of Law
210 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708

For any questions, please contact the CLEA Membership Co-Chairs, Neha Lall or Sarah Shalf at


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