ABA and Bar Standards Advocacy

Co-Chairs:  Kendall Kerew and Joy Radice

Committee Members:  Claudia Angelos, Margaret Martin Barry, G.S. Hans, Laila Hlass, Kate Kruse, Robert Kuehn, Donna Lee, Mary Lynch, Alex Scherr, Beth Schwartz, Ian Weinstein, and Sarah Wolking  

This Committee advocates in a variety of external venues on issues of importance to clinical legal education.  Its work includes tracking proposals in the ABA and state bar commissions that regulate and affect legal education and clinical legal education.  In addition, the ABA and Bar Standards Advocacy Committee coordinates CLEA's public comments and creates an organized and multi-faceted response on issues affecting legal education.

Archive/ History (ad hoc)

Chair:  Tiffany Murphy

 Committee Members:  D'lorah Hughes, Praveen Kosuri, Benjie Louis, Lisa Martin

The Ad Hoc Archive/History Committee was created to ensure the secure archives of CLEA's historical record and document preservation.


Co-Chairs:  Anju Gupta and Jane Stoever

Committee Members:  Praveen Kosuri, Perry Moriearty, and Kele Stewart

 The primary responsibility of the Awards Committee is to solicit nominations for and select the recipients of three awards: (1) Outstanding Advocate for Clinical Teachers; (2) Excellence in a Public Interest Case or Project; and (3) Outstanding Student (one student per law school).  The Committee also periodically reviews the eligibility requirements and rules for the awards and proposes changes, as needed.    

 Best Practices in Pedagogy

Co-Chairs:  Laila Hlass and Melanie DeRousse

 Committee Members:  Jennifer Fan, Carrie Kaas, Allison Korn, Laura Riley, Lauren Rogal, and Emily Suski

The Best Practices Committee was formed shortly after CLEA’s 2007 publication of Best Practices for Legal Education.  The Committee commissioned a second Best Practices book, Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World, which was published by LexisNexis in 2015.  The committee continues share best practices in pedagogy to the experiential community through webinars, conferences, trainings and online resources.   


Chair:  Lauren Bartlett

 Committee Members:  Tanya Cooper, Lindsay Harris, Michael Murphy, and Rachel Settlage

 This Communications Committee is charged with proposing and developing CLEA’s communications policies and strategies, utilizing a variety of modes that currently include the organization’s website, Facebook page, Newsletter and Best Practices Blog.


Co-Chairs:  Llezlie Green Coleman and Kara Finck

 Committee Members:  Margaret Johnson, Benjie Louis, Jeff Pokorak, and Bob Probasco

 The Conference Committee oversees the application process for organizations that seek support for regional and national conferences.  In 2017, pursuant to the Strategic Plan, the Conference Committee will be charged with undertaking several new initiatives, in collaboration with the Communications and Best Practices in Pedagogy Committees.

 Committee on Faculty Equity and Inclusion

Co-Chairs: Caitlin Barry and Shobha Mahadev

 Committee Members:  Deborah Archer, Sameer Ashar, G.S. Hans, Derrick Howard, and Alexis Karteron

 The Committee on Faculty Equity and Inclusion is tasked with proposing ways to reverse the diversity crisis within clinical legal education.  The Committee will work to raise and educate various stakeholders about the lack of racial/ethnic diversity among clinical professors and propose avenues for change. 


Chair:  Lynnise Pantin

 Committee Members:  Melanie DeRousse, Benjie Louis, and Shobha Mahadev

 The Elections Committee is a mandatory committee of CLEA and is responsible for carrying out the elections requirements in CLEA’s bylaws.  Under the bylaws, the Elections Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations, verifying eligibility of candidates and voters, creating and distributing ballots, overseeing the ballot count, and certifying and announcing election results.


Co-Chairs: Jodi Balsam and Carrie Kaas

 Committee Members:   Eden Harrington, D'lorah Hughes, Kendall Kerew, Amy Sankaran, Danny Schaffzin, Alex Scherr, and June Tai

 The Externship Committee advocates on behalf of CLEA and its members with respect to issues related to field placement programs.  For example, together with CLEA’s ABA and Bar Standards Advocacy Committee, the Externship Committee represents CLEA in connection with ABA accreditation standards and state bar admissions requirements that have an impact on field placement programs.  In addition, the Committee promotes increased awareness within the legal education community about the similarities, differences, and overlap between externships and law clinics.


Co-Chairs: Maritza Karmely and G.S. Hans

 Committee Members:  Lauren Bartlett, Julie Dahlstrom, Kara Finck, Llezlie Green-Coleman, Betsy McCormick, and Tiffany Murphy

 The Membership Committee serves as the liaison between the CLEA board’s work and CLEA members.  The committee updates the status of its members every year and responds to members’ comments and questions with respect to CLEA’s work.  The committee also prepares membership materials, and helps members stay connected to the work of the organization and members of the clinical community.

 New Clinicians

Co-Chairs:  Christine Cerniglia Brown and Wendy Vaughn

 Committee Members:  Jeff Baker, Brittany Glidden, Crisanne Hazen, D’lorah Hughes, Maritza Karmely, Rachel Kohl, Praveen Kosuri,

C. Benji Louis, Andrew Mamo, Lisa Martin, Nickole Miller, Ascanio A. Piomelli,  Danny Schaffzin, Sue Schecter, Gail Silverstein, and Kele Stewart

The primary work of the New Clinicians Committee is to offer support, orientation, and an introduction to clinical education to those who are new to clinical teaching.  Committee members plan and present CLEA’s New Clinicians Conference every two years (in odd years), before the start of the AALS Clinical Conference, and developed a series of workshops designed for new clinicians during the two most recent national Externships Conferences.  Working with CLEA’s Advocacy Training Committee, the New Clinicians Committee will continue to explore other ways in which it might help to educate and train new clinicians.


Chair:  Ron S. Hochbaum

 Committee Members:  Lauren Bartlett, Susan Donovan, and D'lorah Hughes

 The CLEA Newsletter Committee publishes two issues each year.  Besides featuring reports on CLEA's advocacy work and announcing clinicians' good news, including promotions, new arrivals, transitions, awards, honors, books and publications, the committee aims to publish shorter articles on clinical teaching and creative writing on social justice topics, and evolve into a venue where clinicians can publish shorter articles that might count towards tenure requirements in schools that recognize broader definitions of "scholarship" for clinicians.

 Per Diem

Chair:  Leigh Goodmark

Committee Members:  Lindsay Harris and Karla McKanders

 Each year, CLEA's Per Diem Project collects donations to support the community that is hosting the AALS Clinical Conference.  Although it began with the collective donation of clinicians’ per diem allowances, the Project has evolved into a broader fundraising initiative.  Since 2003, the CLEA Per Diem Project has raised tens of thousands of dollars to support the work of legal services providers nationwide.

Programs and Events (Ad Hoc)

Chair:  Lisa Martin and Danny Schaffzin

Committee Members:  Lauren Bartlett, Kendall Kerew, and Beth Schwartz

The CLEA Programming and Events Committee will consider the best means to serve the clinical community and CLEA members and plan 

CLEA events with those aims in mind.


Chair:  Beth Schwartz

 Committee Members:  Jodi Balsam, Caitlin Barry, Betsy McCormick, Jean Phillips, and Joy Radice

The Research Committee will engage in community outreach and data gathering regarding the impact of changes in the legal profession and in legal education, and the resulting advocacy needs of CLEA and its members.

Social Justice Issues

Chair:  Jeff Baker and Derrick Howard

 Committee Members:  Kinda Abdus-Saboor, Anna Cominsky, Kara Finck, Lynnise Pantin, and Paul Radvany

 The Social Justice Issues Committee is charged with broadly disseminating information regarding CLEA-supported social justice endeavors and projects as well as diversity issues.  The committee will work closely with the Diversity in Clinical Legal Education Committee.


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