CLEA Strategic Plan

CLEA's Strategic Plan, approved in the fall of 2016, was based on a year-long process of gathering information and ideas from both CLEA's membership and its Board of Directors. We first started this process in fall 2015, when we disseminated a survey to members, in an effort to learn about the community's perceptions of CLEA's strengths as well as areas requiring further development. 

We discussed strategic planning during the January 2016 Board and Membership meetings. We then held a strategic planning retreat in May 2016, during which many thoughtful, comprehensive, and exciting ideas about how to shape the organization over the next several years were generated. At each step along the way we were guided by our pro bono consultant, Peter Toran. 

During the summer of 2016, CLEA's Co-Presidents, Margaret Johnson and Maritza Karmely, convened a strategic planning ad hoc committee, which included board members Beth Schwartz, Martina Cartwright, and Lisa Martin. Based on the feedback we received from the retreat, other meetings, and the information generated by the survey, the ad hoc committee, in consultationwith Peter Toran, prepared a draft of the Strategic Plan. Finally, we sought feedback from the chairs of CLEA's committees and, after sharing the chairs' feedback with the Board, we incorporated their suggestions in the final version of the plan. 

We are very thankful for all of the feedback received throughout the process. 

Please read the Strategic Plan document by clicking this link.


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