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Membership Types 

Annual dues for Full Members paying individually are $40.00 (U.S. funds). Full Members have full voting rights in CLEA and receive the Clinical Law Review via regular mail twice a year. 

Annual dues for Associate Members paying individually are $15.00 (U.S. funds). Associate Members have full voting rights but do not receive the Clinical Law Review. Associate Membership is designed for persons engaged in legal education on a basis that is less than full-time (such as an adjunct or field placement supervisor in an externship program), law faculty (full-time or part-time) in countries outside of the U.S., and others interested in the furtherance of clinical legal education who are not full-time legal educators.

CLEA offers a School (Bundle) Membership payment option for law schools. Check this list to see if your school already has a Bundle Membership. Bundle Membership provides savings for law schools paying CLEA membership dues for all law faculty teaching clinical courses at one time. The full membership is discounted to $37.50, and the school receives one free associate membership for every full membership paid as part of the group bundle.

Join and Pay CLEA Dues Online!

First, check this list to see if your school has a school bundle membership, and who administers it. Then check your own membership status by searching for your name in the Clinician Locator. If you are a part of your school's bundle membership, your profile will display as “linked to” a bundle administrator.

If your school has a bundle membership but you're not part of it, reach out to the administrator to request to be added to it. If your school does not have a bundle membership, a clinic administrator can create a bundle membership on behalf of all clinicians at your school, or you can join individually, online at this link. NOTE: If a non-faculty administrator/staff member is responsible for maintaining your school’s membership, they do need to list themselves as “members” of CLEA, and their inclusion in your school bundle does not count against your membership numbers.

Membership Renewals

For current members, renewal is due every year on July 1st. You will receive an email reminder when it is time to renew (be sure to check your junk mail!).

Important note about changing membership levels: You can change your membership level (e.g., an individual associate membership to an individual full membership, or bundle administrators can change the number of members in their bundle) on the website under your profile. When you do so, you will be invoiced the full membership rate for the new membership level, and within 3-5 business days, we will update your new renewal date to the end of the next term. To ensure you are not double-billed, if you change membership levels, you should not also follow the process for renewal.

Members with individual memberships, and bundle administrators for group memberships, should renew by logging on at this link. (Individuals who are part of a bundle cannot renew their own memberships independently, but they can update their profiles.) If you do not know the e-mail address associated with your membership in order to log in, or if your bundle administrator is no longer at your school, then email us at

When you log in, you will land on your profile page. If you are not part of a school’s “bundle”, click the button to renew. Before continuing to renew, please scroll down to review and make sure your “Contact Information” is correct and shows the correct membership type (full or associate) under “Group Participation,” and that your “Membership Level” is correct. Once you have verified everything, you can generate an invoice and/or pay online once you click “Update and Next.”

Bundle administrators can log in (following the instructions above) to renew all of their members, change bundle members’ membership type (full or associate), archive past members of their bundle, and change their school’s membership level (i.e., number of members) online. Bundle administrators can also add new members so long as those new members do not already have a CLEA website account associated with their current email address. 

For more information about managing a bundle, review this help page. For assistance with tasks that require a site administrator, please email us at

Profile Updates

Please keep your profile updated! Members can update their own profiles at this link, even if they are part of a bundle.

However, if you are part of a bundle at one school and change schools, you cannot switch your bundle membership to the new school’s bundle. For assistance with this, please email us at


CLEA offers two payment options: on-line or by check. We strongly encourage you to pay on-line. If you pay by check please log in to retrieve an invoice, and mail the invoice with your check payable to CLEA to 

CLEA Treasurer 
c/o D’lorah L Hughes 
University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law
620 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40508

For any questions, please contact the CLEA Membership Co-Chairs, Neha Lall or Sarah Shalf at


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